The Importance Of The Right Roofing System

We are a company that provides the best roofing services in the Arlington area. We work on any kind of roof design and materials. People have diverse preferences and have access to so many resources. This is why our team of experts work doubly hard to keep up with the latest innovation in roofing techniques. One of the most popular roofing materials used nowadays is roofing shingles. They look very good on your roofs, giving your homes that curb appeal.

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Different kinds of shingles used for roofing:


Asphalt roof shingles are particularly the most popular type of roofing materials used in a number of homes all over the country. Usually, this material consists of saturated fiberglass and mineral coated granules, that are resistant to various elements. Admittedly, this is a durable roofing shingle material that is both affordable and functional. Hence, a lot of homeowners opt to choose this type of shingle in their residential roofing installations and replacements.


COOL roof shingles are a variation of the traditional asphalt shingles. To say the least, it is an upgrade from the normal shingles that we are all accustomed to. It possesses remarkable reflective properties that allow sunlight to bounce off your roof instead of absorbing it. Because of this quality, it has become the leading roofing material chosen for energy saving homes.


Metal roof shingles are another popular roofing material that most homeowners opt for when having a roof installation. In general, metal roof shingles have varying types. Needless to say, the type of metal you use will have varying prices as well. Nevertheless, this is one of the best roofing shingle materials to use if you want a roofing system that will last you decades.


Synthetic roof shingles, also known as composite roof shingles, are roofing shingle materials that consist of unique formulations of resins, fibers, and plastic polymers. Most of the time, this type of shingle is used in replicating and simulating the appearance of other roofing materials, especially the expensive ones. Hence, it is an ideal alternative to a number of roofing shingle materials in the market. With its flexible and versatile nature, it has also become one of the most used roofing shingle material in different states all over the country.

Other Shingles:

Other Roofing Shingle Styles

It is no question that shingle is used in so many roofs. It does not only offer so many types of materials, it also has a string of advantages. And no matter what type of shingles you want for your roofs, we make sure that your roofing job is handled by experts.

Using roofing shingles helps you to achieve your dream design because you can play around with colors and styles. But more than that, these materials are very durable. They are sturdy and can withstand harsh climates and will not get damaged easily. This is because roofing shingles have a distinct process of laying the shingles on top of the other. Our team of experts devotes time and attention to do this layering efficiently.

If you want a worry free home for years and years to come, consider using roofing shingles. Shingles are very durable even in the face of natural disasters, your roof will stand the ravages that nature may bring. While you may have to invest more, the real advantage to you would be the savings on maintenance and repair.

Roofing shingles are very low maintenance. No need for paint jobs periodically. Because this requires less maintenance, you will also be saving on professional maintenance fees and other upgrade and repairs. You have fewer worries and with our excellent service, you can put your worries to rest.

Think no further. If you have plans of replacing your roof or installing roofing shingles, Arlington Roofing Pros is your friendly roofing specialist who has your interest in mind. Let’s discuss your concerns after we inspect them and assess your roof’s condition. We can’t take any chances where roofs are concerned. This is our first defense against the elements. Harsh weather conditions can be relentless and roofing shingles just might be your saving grace. Call us now and let our professional team assist you.

You don’t have to shop for the best roofing contractors, We are the best roofing specialists in Arlington who work on different roofing jobs. Roofing shingles is only one of the numerous roofing materials that we have worked on over the years. We know how you value your life’s investment and we’re here to help you protect and preserve them.